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Unknown Studio at Ohio State / Knowlton School of Architecture

Seen in Columbus: Unknown Studio’s Nick Glase and Claire Agre served as design critics at Ohio State OSU on final reviews for landscape architecture studios ranging from an urban agricultural research farm lead by Jake Boswell, a river Park concept in Cleveland focusing on fish ecology taught by Jesse Hartman, Hanna Steiner, and Parker Sutton, and an urban park studio utilizing trees from an abandoned exurban nursery lead by Paula Meijerink & Karla Trott.

Both happy to be back in Columbus. Nick served as a visiting lecturer at Knowlton in 2014 along with Sarah Cowles resulting in the Award Winning, “Bigger Darby” research studio. Claire spent fall 2017 leading one of three invited teams (West 8, MKSK and Tom Leader Studio), reimagining a future century along the Olentangy River Corridor. Along with REALM studios, Claire and the West 8 team presented a compelling vision for the Olentangy that unlocked nearly a thousand acres for pedestrians and vibrant public space.

The creativity and professionalism displayed by the students at OSU reflect why this program is consistently ranked one of the top in the nation. Many thanks to the faculty and students of the Knowlton School of Architecture for having us.

Nick Glase