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"The Giving Delta” is featured in Elizabeth Mossop’s new publication, Sustainable Coastal Design and Planning.

Elizabeth Mossop’s new compendium brings together internationally renowned experts and case studies showcasing multidisciplinary approaches for developing resilient coastlines. Unknown Studio is thrilled to see so many of our collaborators and peers involved, including Gina Ford, Jeff Carney, Louisiana State University Coastal Sustainability Studio, Moffatt & Nichol and West 8.

Claire Agre co-authored “The Giving Delta,” an essay describing the award-winning Moffatt & Nichol | West 8 | Louisiana State University Team’s proposal for a sustainable 21st century along the Lower Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast. As one of the winning entries from the ambitious Changing Course Competition, “The Giving Delta,” exemplifies the book’s exploration of how cross-disciplinary partnerships between scientists, planners, engineers and designers can successfully and tangibly find new ways of living in coastal landscapes.

More information on the book can be found here.

Sustainable Coastal  Design and Planning
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