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Margaret Baldwin

Margaret Baldwin ASLA

Meg Baldwin is a dedicated student and practitioner of landscape architecture. She considers designing landscapes to be a privilege and a responsibility, bringing rigor and passion to projects that reveal connections between systems and stories over time and between scales. Meg engages with a diversity of landscape media and systems, from bedrock to soil particle, groundcover to woody specimen, riparian watershed to urban infrastructure, or avian flyway to multi-modal connection point. While she celebrates the role of the generalist, she is often seduced by the particular.

Prior to joining Unknown Studio, Meg managed campus landscape design projects in Washington, DC (Whittle School and Studios), and Chestertown, MD (Semans Griswold Environmental Center). With Claude Cormier + Associés, she gained diverse experience working on public art installations (18 Nuances de Gai and Balade pour la Paix), community masterplans (Vaughan Metropolitan Center), and urban design projects (Lakeshore East, Calgary Curtis Block, and the Well).

She holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia School of Architecture and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from George Washington University. Meg’s perspective is shaped by her extensive travel, including time spent living abroad as a coastal ecology intern in the Seychelles, an English teacher in Rome, a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa, and a landscape designer in Montréal. She returned home to Baltimore in 2017, eager to settle in and build community with engaged, creative citizens.

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