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Miami Beach Soundscape

Miami Beach Square Miami Beach, Florida

Project timeline: 2013
Client: City of Miami Beach
Development Team: Portman Holdings
Scope: District Master Plan
Size: 52 acres
With: West 8 urban design & landscape architecture, p.c.
Claire Agre, Principal & Senior Landscape Architect
Design Partners: Bjarke Ingels Group, John Portman & Associates, Fentress, Revuelta Architects
Consultants: Schwebke Shishkin, HDC, Desimone, Space Syntax, Carlo Ratti Assoc., Squint Opera, Mir, CMC Construction, HDC Assoc., Plummer Assoc.

Miami Beach, one of the youngest cities in America, is characterized by a lively, walkable urban fabric, designed and scaled for people beneath the cool shade of tropical trees and art deco canopies. The exception to this unique and lovely urban form is the city’s convention center, a black hole of asphalt in the heart of one the most beautiful and lively cities in America.

This district master plan seeks to bring Miami Beach back to the convention center, imagining an urban space unique to the climate and culture of the city. It proposes a fine grain of paths and plazas, parks and gardens, that form an archipelago of urban oases throughout the site. At its heart, the Central Square becomes a pivot point for the entire neighborhood, and a new entry space to the convention center, convention hotel, Miami Beach City Hall, Latin American Cultural Museum, and revitalized Jackie Gleason Theatre.

The Square, like all great central squares, creates a series of intuitive connections across the site. A diagonal connects SoundScape Park to the Botanical Gardens and Holocaust Memorial. A north-south connection joins the Collins Canal to Lincoln Road and naturally channels the flow of convention visitors toward the liveliness of Lincoln Road. The Square anchors an extensive network of green spaces throughout the district, totaling nearly 27 shady, friendly, and usable acres with clear connections to the other great public spaces of Miami Beach. This network stitches together adjacent communities, once separated by the convention center, into a complete and coherent community for visitors and residents alike.

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