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Unknown Studio joins Board of Directors for Friends of Olmsted Parks & Landscapes


Unknown Studio’s Claire Agre has been elected to the Board of Directors for The Friends of Maryland’s Olmsted Parks & Landscapes (FMOPL). A member of the National Association for Olmsted Parks, FMOPL is committed to advancing the Olmsted legacy and its relevance in Maryland through accessible public parks, sustainable landscapes, and livable communities—respecting and protecting the accomplishments of the past and seeking relevant solutions for the challenges of today.

Beginning in the 1870s, Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. and later, the Olmsted Brothers Landscape Architects (OBLA), profoundly reshaped the Maryland landscape. Olmsted Sr. designed the early suburb of Sudbrook Park and the four Mount Vernon Place parks; he also consulted on other Baltimore parks during the 1870s to the early 1890s. At the behest of the Municipal Art Society, Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., and OBLA produced the comprehensive 1904 Report Upon the Development of Public Grounds for Greater Baltimore, conceptualizing a park system for the Baltimore region.  The Olmsted vision for Baltimore’s park system was second only to Boston’s in size and scope. 

Claire is thrilled to join this incredible group of historians, designers, advocates and community members in the work of advancing the legacy of the Olmsted Firm in Baltimore and beyond.

More information about the work of FMOPL can be found here.

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